Puffy Eyes: Reduce Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes

Puffy Eyes: I Have Puffy Eyes and Bags…

young women with dark circlesYou may feel as though you’re the only victim of puffy eyes when gazing at your baggy pouches in the morning mirror. Nevertheless, puffiness around the eyes are quite common amongst people over the age of 30, and the problem is caused by various factors such as an awkward sleeping position, allergies, aging, dehydration, exhaustion, and an unhealthy lifestyle, among others.

Puffy eyes form when the muscles and tissues surrounding the eye weaken, causing fatty deposits and/or fluid buildup in the lower lids; thereby forcing the skin to stretch and bags to form. This can be very unpleasant and has the ability to destroy a flawless complexion. If you find yourself waking up in the morning and screaming, I have bags beneath my eyes, try these home remedies or go to your dermatologist or health care provider for proper treatment against swollen eyes.

Using a Cucumber to Remove Puffiness

One way to relieve stressful eyes is using cucumbers, which is considered an age-old remedy. Get thin and bendable slices cucumbers and cut them into a shape of a half moon, so as to fit the skin under the eyes. Before applying them, make sure to soak them with cold water for five minutes. Place the slices directly over the swollen area and let them gently touch the affected skin.

Then Get a water-soaked washcloth and drape it over your face. Let this stay for a quarter of an hour before removing. If you do not have a cucumber, use refrigerated teabags, potato slices, berries or ice cubes wrapped in a towel.Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Other Home Remedies for Baggie Eyes

Another awesome way to combat puffy eyes is to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day; this will prevent water retention in the body and on the face which directly affects your eyes. Make sure your head is elevated with an extra pillow so that fluids won’t accumulate onto the skin under the eyes when you sleep.

Also, a cool compress for a few minutes will also help reduce puffiness. Get a washcloth and soak this in cool water. Sit erect and place this cloth onto the skin under and surrounding your eyes. Remember to exert a little pressure to aid in the healing process.

The last home remedy for removing puffy eyes requires cutting back on salty food, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding coffee, tea, and alcohol. Sodium-enriched food, minimal water intake, and alcohol dehydrate the body and will make you have fluid retention on your face, especially on the skin beneath your eyes. Caffeine in coffee, tea and chocolate drinks are all known to make people suffer from lack of sleep as they are stimulants.

Puffy Eyes: What to do Using Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments recommended by a doctor can also effectively remove eye bags. These include laser resurfacing and chemical peels where the skin surrounding the eyes becomes tightened and toned properly. Surgery can also be an option for excess fat and sagging skin on the eyes.

Symptoms of allergies include puffy eyes. It is therefore important to speak to your doctor if you have allergies from pets, cosmetics, perfumes and pollen. If your swollen and puffy eyes are accompanied by burning or itching, it may be indicative of more severe conditions than allergies. Your doctor would be able to recommend the proper treatment or remedies to stop your allergies or any ailment resulting to puffy eyes.




Dark Circles Under Eyes: Healing Dark Circles

old man with dark puffy eyesDon’t you hate it when you wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and find your eyes sunken into your face, framed with dark circles under eyes.┬áIt can happen to anyone. In fact, men, women and children all experience dark circles under the eyes.

For the most part, having dark circles under your eyes tends to come with age, as your skin stretches and gets thinner, the blood vessels in that area become more visible, thus leading to a darker coloration. This is not fatal, and is not a sign of exhaustion. As a matter of fact, many of the myths about having dark circles under the eyes are not true. So, exactly what is true?

Causes of Dark Circles Beneath the Eyes

Many different causes exist for the darkened pigmentation under your eyes. Heredity is a big factor; if either of your parents experienced black circles, you may also be a lucky benefactor. Physical or emotional stress can also cause darkness around the eyes, mainly due to the activities that go along with the stress, such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, not eating well, and not taking care of body.

Also, nasal congestion causes dark circles below the eyes, usually from stuffy sinus cavities. Nasal congestion also occurs with allergies, and with allergies comes itchy, irritated eyes; and scratching at them can also lead to dark circles.

Other factors that cause eye stress is over-exposure to sunlight, extended hours on the computer, and lack of iron. All these factors are connected with causing dark gloomy eyes.

Treatment for Dark Circles

How do you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes? There are a number of different treatment options for healing dark puffy eyes (more info on dark circles), but here are a handful of easy techniques that can be implemented today.

Since lack of sleep can cause eye problems, allowing for plenty of rest can help eliminate those circles. Taking good care of yourself by eating properly and drinking the recommended amount of water can also help eliminate the darkness.

Using extra pillows when lying down helps elevate your head, which can also help alleviate any dark circles from appearing around the eye, as can wearing dark sunglasses and sunscreen when lavishing in the sun.Use tea bags for puffy eyes, swollen eyes, and dark circles

A trick many salons use for treating dark circles is to place chilled tea bags over the eyes. This can also be done with lettuce, two small bags of ice chips, or even a bag of frozen peas. This technique is known as the cold compression method. Salons also sometimes recommend using fruit peelings on the eyes, as well.

Saline washes can be used to help clear nasal congestion, which, in turn, can help with black circles. Once your congestion is gone, so are the dark bags.

Cosmetically, anti-aging creams and serums exist in pharmacies and retail stores, and for those who are more serious, laser treatment and inject-able fillers are also an option.

Dark circles under eyes can have many causes, but there are also a number of things you can do to try and eliminate them.


Bags Under Eyes – Stop Stressing and Start Testing

Swollen Tissue Beneath Eye LidLooking for an effective treatment for bags under eyes can be a nightmare, especially when it’s hard to determine why you have puffy bags under your eyes in the first place. If you’ve spent many hours shopping around for a good treatment option, and still failed to obtain a product that actually lives up to its promise, then learn more about the underlying causes of baggy eyes.

Not long ago, doctors did a case study on a group of individuals suffering from bags under eyes, and decide to release the information to the general public. The information gathered was quite shocking, and revealed some precise procedures for treating baggy eyes.

Treatment for Bags Under — Criterion

The following are the results:

1. Ingredients. When it comes to treating bags beneath the eyes, one should make certain that the product holds specially formulated ingredients that will attack the underlying cause of eye bags. A treatment for bags below the eyes must be able to:

a) Get rid of the hemoglobin and waste toxins build up in the skin beneath ones eyes.
b) Restore leaking capillaries. As one ages, his capillaries becomes thin and fluid leaks & settles in the skin under his eyes.
c) Condense the skin under ones eyes to make it smoother and firmer, thereby inhibiting sagging as one ages.
d) Improve elasticity and firmness of ones skin under their eyes. As one ages, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness particularly the skin under the eyes. It is essential that one uses a bags under eyes treatment with the capacity to increase elasticity and firmness by building elastic and collagen level.

2. Quality & Concentration. When treating bags below the eyes, make certain that the eye treatment used contains a high titration of organic and effective ingredients. Make it a habit of reading product labels to ensure that each and every ingredient on the label are in concentrations above 2%.

For the majority of products list natural components but in small quantities. This would simply make the treatment for bags under the eyes ineffective. Several companies don’t utilize a high enough quantity of the natural components, and as a result, their bags under eyes treatment products are not successful.

Use Safe Ingredients When Treating Puffy Bags Beneath Eyes

Lots of skincare makers utilize harsh chemicals that could damage ones skin and bring about harm to one?s health. Look out for such ingredients and avoid them. A few harsh ingredients to stay away from are parabens, alcohols, mineral oil, fragrances, dioxane, triclosan and toluene.

A bags under eyes treatment products ingredients must be gentle enough to be utilized on one?s facial skin. Look for organic ingredients that are nontoxic yet effective in removing one?s eye bags without bringing about any harmful effects.

Ones goal is to make certain that any treatment methods they opt for meets the cited criteria. One may need to do some extra work in researching and/or being meticulous when shopping around. But, as soon as one finds an eye bag treatment that does work, be sure to follow the steps for healing baggy eyes to the letter.



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