Herbal Puffy Eyes Remedies

Herbal Puffy Eyes Remedies

When you suffer from insomnia and you get swollen eyes, you need to find the right puffy eye remedies. There are effective topical creams for this such as a hemorrhoid cream as it has yeast or liver oil which makes the skin clear. There are also other home remedies and over-the-counter medicines but herbal puffy remedies can also remove puffy bags under eyes.

Puffy Eye Remedies – The Herbal Way

Because they are organic, herbal puffy eye remedies do not have side effects. Such treatments include a mixture of cucumber and green tea, a mixture of parsley and sour cream, and various teas in different colors. Many people have tried these natural puffy eye remedies and these have worked effectively for them.

Cucumber and Green Tea Together

For this treatment, you will need to soak in boiling water a green tea bag for ten minutes. Afterwards, get the tea bag and put it inside a bowl. Get a cucumber and cut them into thin slices. Place these inside the tea and then let them cool inside the fridge. When the cucumber slices are chilled, place them on your closed eyes for another ten minutes. This will help remove puffy eyes.

A Combo of Sour Cream and Parsley

Another way of removing puffy eyes is a mixture of sour cream and parsley. For this, get a minimal amount of parsley and chop them properly. Place two teaspoons of sour cream into the chopped parsley. Have two equal parts of the mixture. Cut two pieces of cheesecloth or muslin and shape them into a square and place a part of the mixture in these cloths to form a pillow. On each eye, place one pillow for ten minutes.

Black, Green and White Tea

Black, green or white teabags are effective ways of getting rid of swollen eyes. Get two teabags and for ten minutes, steep them in one cup of water that is boiled. Get rid of the water from the bags and allow them to cool. Afterwards, sit properly and apply the bag on your eyes for a quarter of an hour. This has been proven to be one of the great puffy eye remedies. Other teas that are effective are bilberry tea as it improves vision which can be due to swollen and irritated eyes, and chrysanthemum tea which reduces puffiness caused by allergies. If you have loose tea, cover your eyes with facial tissue and cool tea leaves on the affected area.

Other Herbal Remedies

Other herbal remedies include geranium essence and lavender floral water as they reduce the swelling of the eyes when topically applied. Another recipe would be to mix four teaspoons of lavender and eight teaspoons of calendula flower to two cups of boiling water. Make sure to steep the ingredients and let the mixture cool. Get cotton balls and place them in the tea. Apply them under the eyes while you are in a reclined position. Refrigerate the unused ingredients for the following morning if your eyes are still puffy.

Swollen, red and irritated eyes due to different causes can make you look haggard and exhausted. Turn to herbal puffy eye remedies to treat them so as to look good again.