How to Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes: Amazingly Simple

There are easy and cheap ways on how to cover dark circles under eyes. If you belong to the population of women who are suffering from dark circles under their eyes, fret no more. You are about to learn how to cover up dark circles under eyes with makeup, and the secret to preventing dark circles under your eyes.

Below are four amazing ways on how to cover up dark circles under the eyes that you can do without spending a fortune on it.

How to Eliminate Dark Circles Around the Eyes with Moisturizer

Use a good moisturizer that suits your skin type. Moisturizers are heaven sent especially if the lines surrounding your eyes. The shine content of the moisturizer will reduce the lines and will create fruit to rejuvenate skina brighter look. However, you need to check the moisturizer you will be buying. The ingredients it contains must be all natural such as sesame, avocado oil, vitamin E and K. Your moisturizer will work best as well as a base for makeup such as a concealer. It helps soothe your skin and make your application of tinted cosmetic easier. A good choice of moisturizer will reduce the chances of your make up from caking.

How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes

One of the must-haves make-up is a concealer. You need to choose the perfect color of concealer for you. Most of great makeup artists prefer a color with slight gold because yellow tones help counteract the dark. Do not forget to check the content of the concealer. It must have chamomile because it is known to cure naturally skin problems. Concealer with chamomile serves two purposes: it covers, and at the same time cures your skin.

Applying a Concealer – The Process of Treating Stressful Eyes

The application of a concealer counts. However, it is your choice when you want to put a concealer: Is it before or after you apply foundation. To have a natural look, keep in mind that less is more. Just apply dots of your preferred concealer in the dark areas under your eyes. Begin with your inner corner and then going to your orbital bone. Then you start blending the dots of the applied concealer using your ring finger. Use ring finger because it is your weakest finger which is ideal to apply the concealer because it is very gentle.

Prevention: Erase Dark Circles Before They Appear

There are some amazing ways to cover dark circles under eyes with the help of make-up are just temporary. It is also advisable that you know how to prevent it from occurring. Here are some preventive measures:

  1. Drink lots of water. Preferably consume 10 glasses a day to keep you hydrated.
  2. Take the needed rest and sleep.
  3. Eat food products rich in vitamins and minerals especially iron, vitamins E, B12 and K.

What are you still waiting for? Follow the above tips on how to cover dark circles under eyes and start showing off you gorgeous eyes.



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