Puffy Eyes Allergies

Puffy Eyes Allergies – How to Correct the Problem

seasonal allergies causing puffy eyesAside from crying and insomnia, there are puffy eyes allergies that cause the eyes to be swollen, sore and tired. A puffy eyes allergic reaction forces fluid to be stored under the eyes as a reaction to an allergen thus causing the inflammation. This condition always makes the eye uncomfortable, tender, itchy and reddish. Here are puffy eyes allergies that cause the swelling to that part of the face, considered the window to the soul, to happen instantly.

Puffy Eyes Due to Allergies – Hay Fever

The seasonal allergies or hay fever causes a puffy eyes allergic reaction. This allergy is usually caused by plant and tree pollen. According to a medical study, ragweed is a common culprit of hay fever. When you have this allergy, you will experience one of its symptoms which are swollen eyes. This is usually experienced in humid and warm countries.

When your allergy from ragweed occurs during autumn, histamines are released by the body and collect around the eyes and on the face. When spring approaches, the body?s immune system also reacts to mold, trees and plants thus making you have puffy allergy eyes. There is no treatment for such allergies but to simply stay indoors and avoid pollen and wash your clothes and hands when you go inside your house. Many people use antihistamines and eye drops as medications for puffy eyes from allergies during autumn and spring.

Puffy Eyelids Allergies ? Food

If you are prone to allergies from food, you will no doubt experience puffy allergy eyes. If you know the type of food you are allergic to, stay away from them so as not to have swollen eyes. The antibodies of the body naturally come out to fight the allergens and it results to puffy eyes. Fluids again build in the skin and land on the eye area. The histamines come out and widen the blood vessels. Other symptoms of allergies from food are rash, watery eyes, runny nose and difficulty in breathing. People are sometimes allergic to buckwheat, berries, dairy products and chocolate.

Eye Bags Allergies ? Animal Dander

Some people are also allergic to animal dander. These are the old skin scales that are shed off from the hair of animals such as cats and dogs and become airborne. When animal dander is around, these people will have puffy eyes from allergies.

There are those allergic to some dog breeds while those allergic to feline will experience this with any kind of cat. This is due to a hypersensitive immune system that immediately reacts when coming into contact with animal dander. Itchy and puffy eyes allergies also have other symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. The symptoms usually come out after a couple of days of contact with pets.

To know if you are allergic to animal dander, you need to undergo blood tests. Your medical history shall also be discussed with your doctor. The symptoms of puffy eye allergies shall continue for around thirty days after the pet is taken away from your house.

When you experience puffy eye allergies, immediately see your doctor so as to get proper diagnoses and treatment.


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