Combat Puffy Eyes From Crying

How to Quickly Fix Puffy Eyes Form Crying

puffy eyes from cryingIf you have puffy eyes from crying, there are a few remedies that can help you treat them. Puffiness results to soreness and irritation around the eyes, as well as an unattractive appearance. The problem is if you have puffy eyes after crying just before a special event or appointment. It will be clear to people surrounding you that you just had a crying stint. Here are ways to quickly fix puffy eyes from crying with simple home remedies.

Puffy Eyes from Crying ? Home Remedies

An easy at-home solution for puffy eyes is tea bags. Get two tea bags and let it steep in boiling water for six minutes. Let the bags cool a bit and then put them over the closed eyelids. Take them off after a few minutes and you will see the puffiness lessening. Caffeinated tea is more effective because caffeine tightens blood vessels which then minimize puffy eyes from crying.

When you have puffy eyes, crying is one of the causes. To reduce the swelling, pain and soreness, you need something cold to be placed on it. Get a few slices of cold strawberry, ice cubes inside a washcloth or refrigerated face creams, and place them on your eyes for several minutes. All of these will instantly minimize the swelling.

A cucumber is another way to reduce puffy eyes when crying and this has been used for ages. This vegetable naturally has a cold temperature and is 90% full of water. It is therefore effective in minimizing inflammation and sore eyes caused by weeping.

This may be a little strange but egg whites are good for puffy eyes after crying. Apply this on your skin and you will feel it firming and tightening. Dab this under your swollen eyes and let it dry for a few minutes before you wash it off. You will see the swelling of your eyes decreasing.

Water is also another remedy for puffy eyes from crying. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day so as to be hydrated as this is one way to minimize puffiness. When you become dehydrated, your body will store water and will heighten the swelling of the area surrounding your eyes. When you have enough water intakes every day, the puffiness will not be amplified. You should also avoid salty food as sodium heightens swelling and water retention. After you have cried buckets of tears, do not eat salty food as this will make your eyes puffier.

Using Make-Up for Puffy Eyes from Crying

You can cover puffy eyes if you cannot beat them or if you simply do not like the above-mentioned kitchen remedies. Makeup concealers can cover the irritation, swelling and dark circles of the eyes upon application. It is actually more of a strategy than a remedy in dealing with puffy eyes from crying.

Crying is a natural body response that comes after different emotions. It is way to release stress or pain, and to manifest a happy feeling. However it can also make one have swollen eyes especially after weeping a lot. With these home remedies, your puffy eyes from crying will be treated and eventually, cured.

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