Puffy Eyes in the Morning

Puffy Eyes in the Morning: Rejuvenate Your Eyes

When you get up from your bed after sleeping and check your face in the mirror, you will see puffy eyes in the morning. People usually do not look their best as soon as they get up in the morning from a long or short night’s sleep. They wake up to a shiny face with eyes puffy and dark from the night before. In this article, you will learn the reason why puffy eyes in the morning can be your worst nightmare, plus you’ll discover what to do to heal puffy eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes in the Morning

red puffy eyes in the morningIf you always find swollen eyes every time you wake up, you may be suffering from a puffy eyes morning condition. This is a usual occurrence that is caused by various factors. It is important to know what these culprits are so that you can avoid them and stop having swollen, red and irritated eyes.

One of the causes of puffy eyes in the morning is your sleeping position. When you do not raise your head when sleeping, fluid will be accumulated under your eyes. Place a pillow or more under your head so that your head will be propped up. Gravity will naturally haul fluid away from below the eyes.

Eyes Puffy in the Morning from Inadequate Rest

The number of hours you sleep will also cause puffy eyes in the morning. When you do not have enough amount of sleep per night, your eyes will become swollen and reddish the following day. You will also see dark circles underneath as the blood vessels below the eyes dilate.

You should have at last seven hours of sleep per night to avoid puffy eyes in the morning. With enough sleep, you will also be more energetic and productive. Your immune system becomes stronger thus it can naturally cure body inflammations.

Puffy Eyes in the Morning ? Food and Drinks

You will have puffy eyes if you drank alcohol and ate a meal enriched with sodium the night before. Alcohol dehydrates the body thus water is retained and accumulates on the face, specifically on the skin under the eyes which would also feel thinner. When the skin is not dehydrated, the body would not retain water and would not cause buildup. Drink plenty of water to avoid puffy eyes in the morning, to help the skin become hydrated and to flush out any toxin or waste from the body.

When you eat too much salty food, this will make your body retain water. As mentioned, water retention causes fluid buildup especially on the face which then leads to puffy eyes in the morning. You should stay away from food that contains too much sodium and these include fast food. If you have puffy eyes, drink lots of water so as to flush away the fluid that has accumulated in your body.

There are other treatments for puffy eyes in the morning. These range from kitchen remedies to creams with hemorrhoids to antihistamines. These all depend on the severity and the cause. It is best to visit your dermatologist and ask for the proper treatment for puffy eyes in the morning.