Remove Bags Under Eyes – Facial Exercises

Remove Bags Under Eyes with Facial Tapping

Facial tapping has been one of the famous ways to remove bags under eyes. This method is done with the use of your fingers. Upon closer observation, you will notice that this procedure is similar to facial massage. The main difference lies in the manner that facial tapping is conducted. In essence, facial tapping appears to be a more gentle form of facial massage. Thus, this method to remove bags under eyes is more advocated by health experts.

Facial massage aids in the circulation of blood especially on the region beneath the eyes. The main reason behind the increase of blood flow rate is the amount of tactile stimulation that the entire facial region receives. The impulses made by the tapping movements to remove bags under eyes on the facial region is sent as a form of message to the brain. The brain interprets this as a form of cue to activate the sympathetic system. The sympathetic system is responsible for the fight or flight response that our body does when faced with a potentially dangerous situation.

The flight or fight response encourages your body to react in various ways to cope with the stressful situation and to remove baggie eyes. One of these is through the increase in blood flow to the body. The blood can bring you different types of nutrients for your skin to make it appear brighter and to remove bags under eyes. This also applies to the skin underneath your eyes. One of the substances that the blood can bring this region is oxygen. Aside from bringing your skin adequate nutrients, increased blood flow in this area also aids in flushing out the harmful toxins that may be embedded in this area and in helping to remove bags from under eyes.

Performing facial tapping to reduce eye bags is simple. For best results, you should keep your head in an elevated position in order to aid in better blood flow to the eye area. Using your ring finger, gently and continuously tap on the outer edges of your face to remove bags under the eyes. Work your way to the inferior surface of your eye. It is important that you use the ring finger in tapping because this finger provides the least amount of pressure against the skin. This is highly important to remove bags under eyes using this method because the skin below your eyes is extremely sensitive. If you subject it to excessive pressure, you run the risk of ruining it and making the bags under your eyes worse. Finger tapping should be done at least twice a day for around two minutes.

Remove Bags Under Eyes with Strengthening Exercises

To improve the appearance of your eyes and to remove bags under eyes, you may also perform some simple exercises. These exercises are specifically designed to tone the muscles that innervate and provide support around the eye region and to remove bags under your eyes. One of these exercises is the strengthening exercises for the elevator of the lower eyelid muscles. All you have to do to remove bags under eyes is to place a finger under your eyelids. Preferably, the index finger should be used for this exercise. Try to resist the force that the index finger provides by closing your eyes using the lower eyelids.

If you have done the movement correctly, you will feel the muscles under your eyelids twitching against your fingers. If you are having a hard time performing the movement, you should face a mirror and try to figure out how to move your lower eyelids move in that direction. Hold the position for around six seconds. Repeat this for ten times and perform this twice a day to remove bags under eyes.

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