Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

Tea Bags For Puffy Eyes: Do Tea Bags Help Puffy Eyes?

Use tea bags for puffy eyes, swollen eyes, and dark circlesWhen you know you will spend your whole night working on a deadline, prepare tea bags for puffy eyes. This is because you will surely find your eyes swollen the following morning. If you live or work in an area where there are environmental toxins, make sure to have with you tea bags to heal those swollen eye bags.

Swollen eyes cause stress to the skin surrounding the eyes thus causing dark circles as well as puffiness. Cucumbers are known to be an age-old natural remedy, but do tea bags help puffy eyes?

The answer is yes… green tea has a high amount of tannins that reduce swelling and removes the fluids surrounding the eyes.

Why Green Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes Work: Brief History

Green tea has an herbal history of helping cure skin and body inflammations, solving digestion issues, controlling blood sugar, and treating liver disease and cardiovascular problems. It also regulates the temperature of the body and improves mental focus. It helps get rid of waste and toxins in the body and the skin. This is the reason why it is also effective in getting rid of inflammation and swelling of the skin under the eyes. With the use of green tea bags on the eyes, swelling, inflammation and irritation of the skin around the eyes are eradicated.

How They Work

On your swollen eyes, apply brewed tea bags for around 15 minutes so that the tannins can work on the dark circles and the puffiness. Green tea is known to minimize swelling and firm the skin surrounding the eyes because it has caffeine that contracts the blood vessels. Tannins have astringent that tighten the capillaries and blood vessels under the eyes.

Treatment for Swelling

Another way of making teabags for swollen eyes is by soaking black or green tea in a bowl with cold water for five minutes. Get the tea bags and press them to remove excess water. Place each bag inside a tissue paper so that any moisture that comes out will not affect your eyes. Lie down and close your eyes. Place one wrapped tea bag on one eye for a quarter of an hour. The coolness and the tannins inside the tea will minimize swelling, tighten the skin and reduce puffiness. After taking off the tea bags from each eye, get a clean tissue and gently dab it on the eyes to wipe away excess moisture.

An Overnight Solution for Dark Circles

Another trick to reduce dark circles and treat puffy eyes is to get a cup of boiling water and soak two tea bags inside. After ten minutes, squeeze out the excess moisture and place the bags in the refrigerator for one night. On the following morning, get the tea bags and place them on your eyelids for ten minutes as you lie down. This shall minimize the puffiness and eliminate dark circles because of their anti-inflammatory properties and tannins.

Tea bags for puffy eyes have been tried by many people who have sworn by their effectiveness. This natural remedy is safe as it has no side effects. If you want to have clear and smooth skin around your eyes, use tea bags for puffy eyes immediately.


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