What Causes Bags Under Eyes

What Causes Bags Under Eyes: Lifestyle Causes

There are a lot of possible reasons on what causes bags under eyes. One of the main reasons that causes this phenomenon is a stressful lifestyle. There are various factors on what causes bags under the eyes that play their role when you undergo stress. In order to compensate for the stressful situation, the body makes it a point to perform major shifts in its biochemical composition.

One of the main types of body substances that gets elevated when you are stressed out is cortisol. According to recent studies on bags beneath eyes, this substance contributes to the accumulation of fluids under the orbital region. As a result, an unsightly infra-orbital bulge appears.

Fatigue Prompts Baggie Eyes

Another factor that can contribute to bags below the eyes is fatigue. Fatigue works in a similar fashion as stress. The main difference lies in the amount of hormonal compensation that the body needs to perform in order to keep up with the current situation that you are in. When you are fatigued, most of your hormones and energy stores on what causes bags under your eyes are in low state. This also holds true for the collagen and other substances that are responsible for the glowing appearance and the elasticity of your skin. When you are fatigued, one factor on what causes bags under eyes is the decrease of skin glow and elasticity on the infra-orbital region. What results is a sagging appearance for the skin on this region.

In line with this, the amount of sleep that you get may also be responsible on what causes bags under eyes. When you get little sleep or excessive amounts of shut-eye, your body tends to undergo stress because your typical sleep cycle gets disrupted. As a result, your body compensates on what causes bags under my eyes by providing hormones in elevated or suppressed amounts. The amount of hormones released inside your body will depend on the amount of sleep that you got the previous night.

Your diet and substance intake can also be one of the factors on what causes bags under eyes. According to studies, increased tobacco and alcohol intake can trigger the body to undergo stress which can lead to hormonal imbalance. Moreover, increased sodium intake can also play a great role in worsening your eye-bags. This can be attributed to the ability of your body to absorb more fluids when you take in salty food items. As a result of what causes bags under eyes, your infra-orbital region significantly swells.

Other Determining Factors

While the previous causes of eye-bags may be modified through lifestyle changes, some are beyond control because they are generally physiological in nature. The least that you can do to battle off these causes is to retard their effects. One of these causes is aging. As you age, your skin tends to decrease in elasticity because of deteriorating amounts of collagen found on your skin. Moreover, decrease in collagen can also be a factor on what causes bags under eyes. This makes your skin appear dull. Decrease in collagen has also been found to stop the regeneration process of your skin. This also involves the skin on your infra-orbital region.

Another possible factor on what causes bags under eyes is infection. For instance, an allergic reaction can increase the chances of having eye-bags because the elevated amounts of histamine in your bloodstream can cause your skin to become more sensitive. This reaction of what causes bags under eyes also encourages the increased fluid retention on your infra-orbital region.

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