What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

young women with dark circlesKnowing what causes dark circles under eyes is almost equal to knowing how to treat it. If you are one of those people that ask, why are my eyes swollen puffy and dark? Then this article is just for you. This article will answer one by one the question, what causes dark circles beneath and around the eyes?

Nasal Congestion Activates Puffy Eyes

The most common answer is nasal congestion. Like with all the parts of the body, the skin under the eyes also has tiny blood vessels called capillaries that transport nutrients to the individual cells of the body. If these blood vessels are blocked or clogged, bluish black color will be produced just like what happens when you have bruises. Nasal congestion makes the veins under your eyes blocked resulting in dark circles under the eyes.

Heredity – Family History of Dark Swollen Eyes

Another answer to what causes dark circles under the eyes is heredity. You are more likely to have dark circles under your eyes if your parents have dark circles under their eyes also. You can only conceal it using cosmetic products if you inherited dark circles in your eyes.

Allergic Reactions Can Trigger Dark Circles Below The Eyes

Allergic reaction can also be blamed as the cause of dark circles appearing under your eyes. Allergic reaction is defined by medicine as the reaction of the body from foreign objects that attempt to enter the body. One symptom of allergic reaction is the swelling of the skin which can cause under-eye dark circles formation. It is best to seek professional help from specialists to assess your condition.

Eczema – May Magnify The Problem

Another contributor to what causes dark circles under eyes is atopic dermatitis also known as… eczema. This is a chronic condition that causes inflammation and itchiness of the affected area. The skin under your eyes is not spared from this condition. Swelling makes the skin darker resulting in dark circles under your eyes.

Stress – Major Factor in Causing Dark Circles Under Eyes

Stress is one of the answers to what amplifies puffy dark circles? that is mostly taken for granted. Relaxation every once in a while is proven to be very beneficial in preventing and treating the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Relax your eyes by putting slices of cucumber on your eyes. This relaxes the blood vessels and muscles of your eyes and around it. Do this regularly for 10-15 minutes lying down, and you will feel your muscles are more relaxed and you will see the results in just a couple of weeks of doing this.

Overall, these answers to what cause dark circles under eyes is proven by research and clinical studies. Healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, regular exercise, and quitting vices will help prevent not only dark circles under eyes but also many diseases and infection. Always remember that it is very important to know what causes dark circles under eyes to choose the best available treatment for it.

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