What Causes Puffy Eyes

What Causes Puffy Eyes: Contributing Factors

causes of puffy eyesWhat causes puffy eyes you may ask? This can happen to both men and women of any age. It can be mild or severe and will make you look unattractive and exhausted. At times it can be uncomfortable and painful that it can affect the way your eyes open and close. When it already affects your vision or has other accompanying symptoms, it is best to go to a doctor and ask what causes puffy eyes.

What Causes Puffy Under Eyes – Aging

When you age, it is normal to have puffy and sensitive eyes. When the tissues and the muscles around the eyes weaken, this is what cause puffy eyes. The fat above the eyes goes down to the lower eyelids which makes one achieve eye bags. This is usually treated with blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. The surgeon will cut in the lower eye lid or under the lash line so as to take away excess skin and fat. Other factors that make the skin migrate to the lower lid are genetics and excess weight.

What Causes Puffy Eyes ? Fluid Retention

When there is fluid beneath the eyes, this can make them look puffy and swollen. This is due to hormonal imbalances that usually happen during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy. If you are on a diet that is enriched with sodium, it can also cause fluid retention. Other illnesses and medications also contribute to this condition. When you sleep without your head elevated, gravity will pull down fluid underneath the eyes. To treat what causes puffy eyes, you can place pillows under your head, reduce salt in your food, and place cool compresses on your eyes so as to minimize the puffiness.

What Causes Puffy Eyes ? Allergies, Infections and Sinus Congestion

When you have allergies or infections, your sinuses will become congested. This will make your eyes puffy and swollen. Aside from the puffiness, other symptoms include a stuffy and runny nose, pain on the brow and cheekbones and itchy or watery eyes. To treat what causes puffy eyes, you will need to ask recommendation from your doctor for medication or avoid any allergic triggers. You can also elevate your sinuses when you sleep so as to drain them and alleviate congestion and puffiness.

What Causes Puffy Eyes ? Serious Medical Conditions

There are life-threatening illnesses that cause the eyes to swell and make you have bags. One of them is a kidney problem. Hypertension and autoimmune disorders are also what causes puffy eyes as fluid is retained around them. Hypothyroidism is also a culprit based on medical research especially if they are accompanied by dry and coarse hair, failure to heal from wounds, pale skin, weak nails and inability to perspire. The medical condition blepharitis that makes the eyelids and corners of the eyes inflamed is another reason thus it requires immediate medical attention.

When you find yourself looking haggard and unattractive due to swollen eyes, you can try at home remedies such as placing cooling agents or cold compresses on them. You can also place chilled potatoes or cucumbers as well as refrigerated tea bags. If these do not work, see a doctor immediately and ask what causes puffy eyes in you.